aLife Beyond Books : Authors


Steve Dustcircle

Originally from Chicago, Steve Dustcircle comes from a background in religious ministry and music performance, but now has his hand in many forms of activism, mostly focused on free thought and human rights. There is not much he hasn’t done; there is little that he hasn’t read about.

11402792_10205962082345068_4399679069366452355_n[1]Cynthia Skelton

Cynthia is a twenty-something in the Midwest. She loves good food, good books and crafting. She lives with her partner, “Trucker,” a wild cat named Ray, and a geriatric turtle. Currently she has no books out, though she is working on a couple at the moment; however, she has a fairly popular blog.

person_reading[1]Scott Dwight

Scott Dwight is an anonymous author, a pseudonym of a more established writer publishing under another name for unspecified reasons. He writes ramblings of poignant frustration and comical hostility. His candid writings are to spark intrigue, laughter and thoughtfulness.


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